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While our soaps are named after a city or region of the world, they are all home made and handcrafted in Downtown Vancouver,
British-Columbia, Canada.
There are also shipped from there.

Locally Made

Think Soap Lemon Raw File-Photography-Sa

All Vegan

All our products are Vegan.
We don't use anything coming from animals.
None of our ingredients were tested on animals.


Our soaps are in a sustainable packaging.

All the ingredients lists are here on our web site.

Paper bags, tissue paper or boxes we use are 100% recyclable or compostable.

Green and Sustainable

The Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils we use in our soaps come from all over the world.

We want to bring to your home exotic and comforting smells whenever you use our soaps.  

The Vegetal Oils we use in our soaps are naturals, Fair Trade certified and sustainable.


Simple Scents

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