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Meet David

It was 2016 when I moved to Vancouver and soon started looking into the “zero waste”. Reducing the packagings that I was bringing home, buying locally, reducing my carbon footprint…


I then started digging deeper into home-made household cleaning products. Dishwasher tabs, multi-purpose soap for the kitchen and the bathroom, window cleaner… It was fun, cheap and without packaging ! 




In early 2017 I found an article highlighting all the bad effects of shower gels and industrial soaps on our health and environment. It’s at that moment that I started making my own soaps at home for the body and face, also to avoid having to buy it from commercial stores. 

In 2018, making my own soaps became a real hobby. I really enjoyed creating my own recipes, designs and more than anything, I loved giving my soaps to my friends and family. 

At the end of 2018 I turned 40 and I felt like I had to shift my priorities in life. 

Daily deliveries of merchandise for a retail store does generate a lot of waste.

You always have to sell more and more products, when it is not always necessary for the customer to buy. All the products had packaging many of which are not recyclable. On top of that, in most cases they weren’t produced locally. All of this was hardly compatible with the « zero waste » mouvement. Also, I was tired of coming home at 11pm at night and working week ends when my partner was working a regular 8am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. 


Then in 2019 I quit my job in retail to start my own adventure ! As challenging as it might be but aligned with my values which are :

creating responsible products and managing my time.


I thought about the article I had read about shower gels and I thought « let’s stop thinking shower gel, think SOAP ! That’s how Think Soap Vancouver was born ! »


I am proud to offer healthy products for your skin, locally produced in Vancouver, BC, and sold without packaging. I feel way more peaceful now ; working around my schedule around my relationship’s needs. 


I hope you’ll enjoy my soaps,

Thank you.  

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