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Th!nk Soap Vancouver
The Origin Story

When I decided to relocate from my home in historic Montreal to Vancouver's beautiful west coast city, I did not know what a significant change this would be! 


I was drawn to the lifestyle and the people who have made sustainability and zero-waste living a priority. I was keen to reduce my carbon footprint and soon started looking into living zero-waste by reducing the packaging that I was bringing home and buying local products.


I was reading and researching more and more, and once I started digging deeper into household cleaning products with all the plastic packaging and toxic ingredients, I know that a change was needed! 

In early 2017, I found an article highlighting the adverse effects of shower gels and industrial soaps on our health and environment. This inspired me to begin creating soap for my personal use and stopped purchasing commercial products at the grocery.

As I became more conscious of my packaging consumption, the more it bothered me to be around such waste, I decided to step away from my career to begin fresh with new challenges.


With Th!nk Soap, I have created a product and a brand aligned with my values. I am proud to offer healthy products for locally produced skin and sold in sustainable packaging. 


I hope you enjoy my soaps!

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