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Frequently Asked Questions

Are our soaps all natural ?

Our soaps are classified into 2 categories: Natural soaps and Perfumed soaps. Natural Soaps are made from vegetable oils and essential oils, all natural. Perfumed Soaps are made from vegetable oils too, but the fragrance is synthetic. Whether natural or perfumed, our soaps can also contain mineral colors, almond powder, oats, extracts of powdered roots or flowers.

Why do our soaps all have the name of a city ?

Our soaps all have a particular and characteristic odor. Each soap has the name of a city which refers directly or indirectly to its scent. For example, grapefruit soap is named after Indian River because it is a region of Florida well known for its production of grapefruits. Espresso soap is named after Torino cause it is the city where was invented the espresso coffee machine.