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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga Parties

What is a Yoga Party?

Perfect for a group of friends or special event at a location of your choice. When you host a yoga party your class fee is waived. Package limited to 10 people and requires minimum 4 people including the host. Class includes: + All Levels + doTERRA essential oils + All mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, eye pillows, and blankets + Any style: hatha fusion, vinyasa, slow flow, yin, nidra + 60 & 90 minute class formats + Adjustments verbal and physical + Meditation cards + Spa Savasana + No traveling fee

How do I register for a yoga party as a guest?

1. Click menu bar at the top of the page and select “Classes”
2. Click on drop down menu and select “Yoga Parties”
3. Select your yoga party.
4. Select the available day and time slot
5. Click next and fill out your information.

What class formats are there to choose from for my yoga party?

60 Min. Class Options Class Combos (30/30)

+ Yin + Yin / Isolated Strength

+ Mindful Flow + Yin / Mindful Flow

+ Isolated Strength + Yin / Nidra

+ Hatha + MIndful Flow / Nidra

90 Min. Class Options (60/30) Triple Combo (30/30/30)

+ Yin / Isolated Strength + Yin / Isolated Strength / Nidra

+ Yin / Mindful Flow + Yin / Mindful Flow / Nidra

+ Yin / Nidra

+ Mindful Flow / Nidra

+ Hatha / Nidra

*All sessions include Spa Savasana*

Do you offer a sliding scale for yoga parties?

No, each participant class fee is $25. The host can also decide to cover guests class fees as well. When you host your class fee is waived.


What payments do you accept?

InRoot is a cashless business. All credit card and debit cards are accepted.

I cannot afford a scholarship session - can I still have a session?

Yes! Please contact me before scheudling a session. We will find an arragement that honors both of us.

What is your sliding scale payment program?

There are three options: - Scholarship - Suggested - Sponsor Prices vary depending on service, and remember; no one will be turned away due to lack of funds!

Why would I pay more than the suggested amount?

Using the sliding scale program works because of peoples honesty. If you decide you can afford a Sponsor session - the difference is used to support the gas and supplies it takes to provide services to others who cannot afford a scholorship session.


Why is my yoga session 60 minutes but booked for 75 minutes?

Since InRoot brings the studio to you, your instructor requires set up/break down time for your session. This time varries on how many people are in attendance.

My friend is advanced and I am a beginner. Can we take the same class together?

Yes! InRoot LLC is proud to offer a customized yoga experience.

Can I use my own props?

Yes - if needed all props are provided as well.

I registered for my class, now what?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail and an instructor will be contacting you soon after.

Yoga For First Responders

What is Yoga For First Responders?

Yoga For First Responders (YFFR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing yoga training that is job-specific and culturally-informed. The techniques and drills taught using YFFR’sunique protocol trains in a skill set for: Processing the inevitable stress of a career in emergency services Building mental, physical and emotional resilience Enhancing optimal levels of job performance from decision making to tactical skills Yoga For First Responders builds elite firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians and Telecommunicators for a long, survivable and rewarding career. YFFR ensures the long-term sustainability of our classes and trainings in department and academy settings through systematic programming that is operationally sound.

What makes Yoga For First Responders different?

Yoga For First Responders (YFFR) developed a unique Protocol for teaching yoga to first responders that is based on traditional Hatha yoga along with principles from Trauma-Informed Yoga. YFFR differs from "regular yoga" or a community yoga gym or studio for the following reasons: * YFFR has an official Protocol that all of Teachers are trained in and use that is safe, consistent, practical and effective * YFFR Protocol is job-specific and culturally informed for public safety * YFFR works under Service Agreements for the purposes of quality control, tracking mission and sustainable programming * YFFR manages Teachers with Teacher Agreements for consistent delivery of training methodology * YFFR has structured curriculum for academies, in-service training, critical incident stress management, peer support as well as open department classes * YFFR works with department budgets to make our program available to any size department * YFFR does not require experience in yoga to attend any of our trainings, let us be your first yoga teacher!

Did InRoot LLC create Yoga For First Responders?

No! The owner of InRoot LLC, Sarah Haynes, is a certified Yoga For First Responders Teacher.