5 Excellent Reasons to Bring ThinkSoap! Home

Is there anyone out there who hasn't spent a leisurely Saturday visiting a Farmer's Market and, entirely by accident, came home with a couple of bars of incredible handmade soap? The scents and the beautiful colours make it so hard to resist!

For many, handmade soap is a new thing that catches their attention. Still, they feel what we have known for years - that handmade or handcrafted natural soap is superior in all ways to commercially prepared bars found in the grocer and or the retailers.

Here are five great reasons to buy handmade over commercial:

1. Handcrafted soap is made with natural and wholesome ingredients. Like other handmade soap, ThinkSoap! cleanses without removing your skin's precious natural oils in contrast to commercial bars. These are made with chemical additives and/or synthetic detergents. These ingredients dry out skin, creating skin irritations, and may in the long run harm your overall health. It would be best if you ignored the hype of advertising campaigns that tout natural healthy ingredients in commercial bars because the quantities are really too small to be genuinely beneficial.

2. Handcrafted soap is real. Did you know that since commercially-made bars are formulated with synthetic detergents, legally, they cannot use the term 'soap'? This is why you will find them sold using words like beauty bars, cleaning bars, or moisturizing bars. Handcrafted soap is an authentic and healthy product because it is made with natural and wholesome ingredients like ThinkSoaps! oils - coconut, olive, shea, castor and more.

3. Handcrafted soap contains glycerin to moisturize skin. Glycerin is a humectant; it attracts moisture and softens your skin. Glycerin is not merely added to handcrafted soap. Instead, it is naturally created in the process of mixing water, oils, and butters. In handcrafted soap, the glycerin is left in place. In commercially-made bars, however, glycerin is thought to be valuable, and so it is extracted for use in other more profitable, moisturizing products. The absence of glycerin is another reason that commercial bars dry out the skin.

4. Handcrafted soap is an art. In addition to the science of executing the proper balance of ingredients, soapmakers take great pride in manipulating colour, shape, and fragrance to produce beautiful-looking bars of soap that are satisfying to use and display.

5. Handcrafted soap smells lovely! Handcrafted soaps have the rich scents of their natural oils. More often, handmade soaps have been made with essential oils that give their healing properties and luscious scents. Many soapmakers also use fragrance oils, though fragrance oils are considered synthetic ingredients.

These are just five reasons to consider handcrafted soap, but they are a few of the best reasons I can think of! Can you think of others?

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