Luscious Oils & Butters Abound in ThinkSoap!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Like choosing the ingredients when creating a recipe, the oil you put into a soap recipe is an important step in your soap making. Each oil imparts different qualities and impacts the quality of the final soap. It is a time-honoured and beautiful balancing act to create an incredible bar of soap.

The Oils and Butters in ThinkSoap! Bars

Apricot core oil is a light oil in fatty acids, it protects the skin. Rich in vitamin A, it has regenerative properties, moisturizes, nourishes and tones thin and tired skin. It leaves no shiny effect on the skin. You will also find it luxury bath oils and bath bombs.

Avocado oil has a high moisturizing and softening power that makes it a suitable oil for dry and/or sensitive skin. It also works against skin aging because it contains many vitamins (A, B, C, D, E) that regenerate skin cells.

Coconut oil is one of the main and essential oils to make solid soap because it produces a beautiful abundant foam and a very hard soap. It is super-cleansing and amazing.

Olive oil leaves a thin moisturizing film on the skin and produces a very soft soap. It gives a bar of soap with emollient qualities.

Composed almost entirely of ricinoleic acid, Castor oil makes the soap very emollient with a creamy foam. It is a good moisturizer. Castor oil has the property of increasing the absorption by the skin of the other ingredients that accompany it.

Grapeseed oil is a light and moisturizing oil, excellent for the skin. It is suitable for all skin types especially for oily skin.

An excellent softener, Sweet Almond oil made from almond is famous for protecting the skin. The Sweet Almond oil is a significant hydrating power oil. It creates a very soft and moisturizing soap with a beautiful foam suitable for sensitive skin. Rich in linoleic acid and vitamins A and B, sweet almond oil produces a very soothing softening effect recommended for eczematous skin.

Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans, which are components of chocolate. Like Shea butter, Cocoa butter has moisturizing and nourishing qualities. It creates a protective film on the skin that prolongs the moisturizing effect.

From the Shea tree, Shea butter is a precious oil. Shea butter guarantees a lot of sweetness to the soap. Shea butter is regenerating, softening and nourishing. Ideal for dry skin and sensitive skin.

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Have a great day and lather on!

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