Three ThinkSoap! Scents to Awaken Your Senses

There has always been a part of me that embraces tradition. A homemade meal over fast food, fresh-squeezed orange juice over store-bought, and movie night at home with friends and family over a big-box cinema with $20 popcorn!

This love of quality and experience played a healthy part in creating my first bars for ThinkSoap! The world around us is spinning by, and we are losing those little joys that we once savoured and have all but forgot.

I want to share today the three soaps from my collection that are the most popular and the inspiration behind them.

Provence | Lavender

This one is close to my heart being French, and the sentimentality of lavender is strong. It is calming and has been used throughout history for its ability to soothe. Two of my clients shared that they place their soap bar under their pillows to help them sleep better!

In my vegan formula, I use only Lavender Essential Oil from France. Pure and free from any chemicals that commercial soaps use.

New York | Barber Shop

I have a tradition each time I visit New York City. I visit a barbershop for a beard trim. It is never a 'salon' or 'hairdresser' but a proper traditional barbershop with all the bells and whistles that transport the patron back to the 1950s.

The scent of my New York soap bar is such a sentimental draw that men and women purchase it! Hats off to all the Grandpa's who made this scent so wonderful.

Mexico | Lemon

When we travel, we ultimately bring home a little piece of our experience. Who can deny that with all the colour and festivities that are part of the Mexican culture, it is the consistent refreshing flavour and scent of the lemon that we remember. Whether squeezed on a delicious feast or as a part of a tequila shot ritual, that scent has us hooked!

With the addition of poppy seeds - to create a natural exfoliant (no plastic microbeads here) -its uses widened. This lively bar is next to the bathroom sink, in the kitchen to deeply clean the hands, and in the shower for its exfoliating abilities. So fresh and scrubby!

You know when you buy ThinkSoap! from our online store, Farmer's Markets in Vancouver, or at a stockist, our product is consistent and clean.

Enjoy the day and lather on!

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