You have an event coming and thinking about favors to offer to your guests or clients ?

A custom soap is a very good idea.

There are two options

Option #1

You want a special soap for your guests ?

You can choose the scent and the colour you want.

We will create it for you.

There are  6 weeks lead time for curing plus the delivery time.

Fill out the form bellow and we will send you a quote.

Option #2

You don't have so much time ?

You can chose any cured soaps already cured and currently in stock.

The lead time will be the delivery time.

Fill out the form bellow and we will send you a quote with the available soaps we have.

(For instance, you need 100 soaps, you can have 10 soaps of 10 different fragrances, or you need 10 soaps, you can have 2 soaps of 5 different fragrances). 

For both options, we will create for you the label for your event, based on the informations you will give us in the form bellow.

1- What you want to write on the packaging ?

2- What is the date of the event ?

We will send you some exemples of labels among which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Our soaps are :

2.5in (w)

3in (h)

7/8in (d)

about 100g - 110g.


Please, fill out these informations and we will send you a quote.